Valeriy Shmatko


Valeriy Shmatko was born in 1965 in Kharkiv in the Ukraine. He studied art in the Kharkiv Art Institute from 1993 to 1998, where he focused on painting and restoration.

Valeriy describes his art as “realistic painting,” and says he takes “delight in the beauty of nature.” That’s what inspires him to paint. He tries to avoid being too sophisticated in his art. He believes that overall tone is the most important element in creating an oil painting. Color is important as well but more individual.

Shmatko believes that in the early 1990’s, his palette was a little bit limited and monotonous but many years of painting on locations have allowed him to master of color.

He likes to paint the Black sea shore in Crimea. He paints studies on location and then creates bigger canvases in his studio. He sometimes he uses photos, but just as supplements to his already completed studies.