Rob Vanderzee

Robert (Rob) Vander Zee began his studies at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he studied under the nationally renowned painter and educator, Larry Blovitz.  After Aquinas, he continued his studies at Michigan State University where he focused his attention on contemporary art theory and the painting process.  While at Michigan State, Rob continued to develop his drawing and painting skills and won several fellowships including the very prestigious College of Arts and Letters Merit scholarship.
Rob feels that his education was the perfect culmination of solid academic skills with a strong understanding of contemporary art ideas and theories.

He has traveled extensively and has participated in several “visiting artist” programs.  He spent three weeks in Romania lecturing on contemporary art ideas and exhibiting at the Cluj-Napoca University.  He traveled to Signaghi, Georgia where he studied and exhibited with the Russian Impressionist Painters.  On his most recent trip, he visited Tallinn, Estonia, where he gave demonstrations and lectures at art academies and universities.
Rob is very passionate about painting and takes every opportunity to share that passion with others.  In the Spring of 2006, he opened the Vander Zee School of Art in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  

As much as Rob loves to educate and share his ideas about painting, his true passion lies in the painting process.  “I get lost in my paintings and can stay there for hours creating, layering, and allowing the painting process to have a life of its own.” Rob’s work is quickly finding its way into many private collections throughout the country.