Marcel Favreau

Born in Montreal on August 1921, Marcel Favreau displayed a marked interest and a budding natural talent in drawing at an early age. Beginning his studies in art at the Monument National, he was at seventeen appointed to Montreal's famed "Ecole des Beaux-Arts" of Montreal. This was an unusual complement for one so young.

As an owner/director of an art Gallery for more than 30 years, he has taught drawing and painting to hundreds of students, many of whom have attained professional status in this highly competitive endeavor.

Blessed with a great sensitivity to the beauties of nature, Favreau's work reminds some of the late 19th century French masters' art. One can find the influence of that era's great impressionists

Believing in Divine inspiration, he is the happiest of men. This philosophy transpires his work. “What you see is me, my spirituality, my love of life, my personality," says the painter. He also likes to say, "I am in competition with no one but myself, I must improve my work with every attempt ".

There is a unique quality to Favreau's painting. The distinctness of his style is un-mistakenly recognizable without having to look at the signature. When asked about the recipe to obtain those lush greens he states, "I have no tube of green in my paint box. I mix them myself he emphasized".

Marcel Favreau has produced more than three thousands art works, many of them under the harsh conditions of winter at 25 below zero. Favreau has traveled and painted in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sicily, and many other places. He prefers round brushes and linen canvas.

The time spent on a work is of little importance says the artist; the dominating factor is the personal satisfaction in the effort.