Lucio Sollazzi


Born in Italy in 1925, Sollazzi studied with the artist Borgognoni, attending Milan’s Accademia di Brera. Sollazzi’s talent was quickly recognized. He soon gained an international following with shows in Europe, the United States and Monaco, where Prince Rainier is among his most avid collectors. Franco Passoni writes:“ Lucio Sollazzi is a lyrical painter, blessed with an expressive sureness, especially with regard to the facility of his draftsmanship which, besides being praiseworthy, is also penetrating and free.”

Sometimes, in Solazzi’s compositions depicting people, there will be a hint of mischievous playfulness in the scene. His love of simple, authentic things is evident in his paintings of local markets, charming old streets, or young alter boys frolicking in a courtyard.

Art critics here and abroad are impressed by Solazzi’s mastery of chiaroscuro, the ability to paint such high contrast into a scene that even in minimal light the work has brilliancy and life.

An internationally acclaimed Italian artist, Sollazzi travels constantly, maintaining a studio in Spain as well as in Italy and Monte Carlo. His canvasses are a testimony to his travels. Scenes of ancient towns in Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the North African coast are the subjects of his compositions.