Christian Nesvadba


Christian Nesvadba was born in 1977, the son of the established and respected artist Gerhard Nesvadba and a family with an artistic heritage for several generations.

Visiting the regular school system, Christian’s talent for drawing was soon recognized by his teachers and he changed to a school specializing in drawing and engineering. This school turned out to be too technical for Christian, and he decided to devote himself to a more artistic career in painting.

Christian’s first and foremost tutor and mentor was his father, Gerhard, who is a well known and highly successful artist. Christian’s first paintings were done on his father’s easel. While painting there Christian could learn a great deal from his father. It was not long before he developed his own sense of color and style, bold, fresh and vibrant; a new style of painting for a young artist with new ideas of his own.

He loves flowers and travels extensively and is an ardent photographer, always collecting new ideas for his painting subjects and compositions. His view of flowers is a very personal one. It is not so much the exact botanical form, it is the color, sometimes the explosion of colors that he expresses in his paintings.

He has found his way into the hearts of young and older collectors across the United States and Europe.